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As stated on the home page — ““ESI” (Elcon Services Inc) was born in 1963, and later incorporated in 1978”

  • In 1963 Fred David started his company that we now know of as ELCON SERVICES
  • In 1978 Gilbert Suderman Partnered and the company ELCON SERVICES was Incorperated = ELCON SERVICES INC
  • In 2007 Fred David Sold His Stake in ESI To Gilbert Suderman and Gilbert became President of ESI
  • In 2007 Jonah Gehring became a Minority Share Holder and assumed the role of Sec/Tres
  • In 2009 Jonah Gehring Increased His Stake as a Share Holder
  • In 2010 Jonah Gehring Became an Equal Share Holder to Gilbert Suderman
  • In 2013 Jonah Gehring Became the Majority Share Holder
  • In 2014 Joshua Ens Became a Minority Share Holder and assumed the role of VP
  • In 2015 Gilbert Suderman Sold His Remaining Stake in ESI to David Givens
  • In 2015 Jonah Gehring was Elected President of ESI and Manager of E.P. (Properties Division)
  • In 2015 Joshua Ens was Elected Vice President of ESI
  • In 2015 David Givens was Elected Secretary/Treasurer of ESI
  • In 2016 Matthew Gehring Became a Minority Share Holder

The Ownership is as follows to date:

  • Jonah Gehring (President) 60% Share
  • David Givens (Sec/Tres) 25% Share
  • Joshua Ens (Vice President) 10% Share
  • Matthew Gehring (Co-Owner) 5% Share